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    Office 2016

    Office 2016 mainly includes Office 365, Office 2016 Professional Edition, Office 2016 Home, Office2016 Student Edition,Project Professional Edition, Visio Standard Edition,Visio Professional Edition,Small Business Edition and individual components such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel. The Office 2016 ...
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    Common shortcut keys for Windows 8.1 operating system

    There are commonly used Windows 8.1 shortcut keys. Ctrl + Tab: Access all applications .It is available only on the start screen. Alt + F4: Close the application. Windows + C: Display the quick setting menu. Windows + D: Display the desktop. Windows + F: Search for files. Windows + H: Send screen...
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    How to repair firewall in window10 system

    A firewall is a program that protects the operating system. It not only can control inbound and outbound rules, but also improve security performance. If the firewall cannot be started automatically, how to repair the firewall in Window 10 system? There is the method to repair firewall in Window ...
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    Windows 10 Education Edition

    It is a version designed for large academic institutions with the security, management and connectivity features of the enterprise version. Except for the differences in update options, there is no difference between Windows 10 Education Edition and Windows Enterprise Edition. Windows 10 Enterpri...
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    Windows 10 Enterprise Edition

    Windows 10 Enterprise Edition has the most complete functions. It is a version for enterprise users. Compared to the home version, the Enterprise Edition provides powerful functions designed for enterprise users. There is Direct Access that can be connected without a VPN. App Locker that supports...
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    Windows 10 Professional

    Windows 10 Professional Edition is a favorite of PC enthusiasts. Windows 10 Professional Edition is mainly for computer technology enthusiasts and enterprise technicians. In addition to the application store, Edge browser, Cortana assistant, and Windows Hello included in Windows 10 Home Edition, ...
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    Windows 10 Home Edition

    There are seven versions of Windows 10, the most common of which are Home Edition, Professional Edition, Educational Edition and Enterprise Edition.Their price and features are also different. Whether it is Home Edition, Professional Edition, Education Edition, Enterprise Edition, their core feat...
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    How to place desktop icons randomly in Win10?

    There are many users who use the win10 system want to place any icon on the desktop. But they encountered some problems.For example, drag the icon to some position, it will pop back to the original position immediately and  arrange automatically. There are methods that is not only available for W...
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    Win10 64-bit

    Win10 64-bit low hardware requirements 1. The CPU is 1GHz, faster processor and SoC. 2. Memory stick is 2GB. 3. Available hard disk space is 20GB. 4. Graphics card is DirectX 9 and higher including WDDM1.0 driver. 5. Display is 800×600 lower resolution. Win10 64-bit recommended hardware requ...
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