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    Windows 10 Home Edition

    There are seven versions of Windows 10, the most common of which are Home Edition, Professional Edition, Educational Edition and Enterprise Edition.Their price and features are also different. Whether it is Home Edition, Professional Edition, Education Edition, Enterprise Edition, their core feat...
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    How to place desktop icons randomly in Win10?

    There are many users who use the win10 system want to place any icon on the desktop. But they encountered some problems.For example, drag the icon to some position, it will pop back to the original position immediately and  arrange automatically. There are methods that is not only available for W...
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    Win10 64-bit

    Win10 64-bit low hardware requirements 1. The CPU is 1GHz, faster processor and SoC. 2. Memory stick is 2GB. 3. Available hard disk space is 20GB. 4. Graphics card is DirectX 9 and higher including WDDM1.0 driver. 5. Display is 800×600 lower resolution. Win10 64-bit recommended hardware requ...
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    Win10 system

    There are  lots of software in our computer, how do you solve it when our shortcut keys conflict, let’s see how to set up when QQ hotkey conflicts. What should we do if the QQ shortcut keys of the win10 system conflict with the program?There is solution. Check the QQ shortcut keys When we u...
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    The interface of Windows 8

    Starting from Windows 8, Microsoft tried to use a set of interface to adapt to the tablet and desktop, began to produce its own hardware and promised a faster system upgrade. Users can receive Skype calls with the screen locked and use the camera to take pictures. At the same time, the lock scree...
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    Windows 10 32 and 64 Bit

    There are the differences of Windows 10 32 and 64 Bit. The 64-bit operating system is designed to meet the needs of customers who require large amounts of memory and floating-point performance in areas such as mechanical design and analysis, 3D animation, video editing and creation, scientific co...
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    The Parsing of Win10

    There are the recommended hardware requirements for win10 64-bit. 1.CPU is dual-core and higher processor. 2. RAM is 4GB and higher. 3. The available hard disk space is 40GB and higher. 4. Graphics card is DirectX 9 and higher. 5. Firmware is UEFI 2.3.1 that can support safe boot. 6. The display ...
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    Microsoft Windows operating system

    At present, there are only two desktop operating systems that are used widely. They are Microsoft Windows operating system and MAC OS operating system. As long as you use a computer, the Microsoft Windows operating system is inevitable. Windows 1.0 is the first version of Windows 1.0 came out in ...
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    Tips for using WIN10

    Do you know the secrets on the keyboard?For computer workers, the reasonable use of keyboard shortcuts can improve the efficiency greatly.  There are keys on the keyboard after upgrading Win10. Background window function  Unlike the previous alt+tab, win+tab will always be suspended on the deskt...
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