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    Office 2019

    On January 22, 2019, Microsoft China announced that office 2019 for small businesses was officially launched. So what is the function of office 2019 listing that is worth looking forward to?

    After the launch, Microsoft has said that the Office 2019 office suite is an integration of all feature updates over the past three years, including cumulative updates to Word, Excel, PPT, and more.

    Specifically, you can see that Word in Office 2019 adds features such as night mode, easy access, and more. Excel has added functions such as funnel chart and timeline to enhance data analysis. In terms of the functionality of the PPT, Microsoft improved the ink function, adding a roaming pencil case, tilting effect, and so on.

    Compared with Office2016, the content of office2019 update is mainly in the function. At present, Microsoft has released the official version of Office 2019 to a large number of authorized users, and has both Windows version and Mac version.

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