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  • Common shortcut keys for Windows 8.1 operating system

    Common shortcut keys for Windows 8.1 operating system

    There are commonly used Windows 8.1 shortcut keys.

    Ctrl + Tab: Access all applications .It is available only on the start screen.

    Alt + F4: Close the application.

    Windows + C: Display the quick setting menu.

    Windows + D: Display the desktop.

    Windows + F: Search for files.

    Windows + H: Send screenshot.

    Windows + I: Open settings.

    Windows + K: Turn on the device.

    Windows + L: Lock the computer.

    Windows + P: Turn on projection.

    Windows + Q: Search all locations or search inside the open application,if the open application supports search currently.

    Windows + R: Open the run dialog.

    Windows + S: Search all locations

    Windows + T: Cycle through the icons on the taskbar to get focus.

    Windows + U: Open Ease of Access Center.

    Windows + W: Search settings.

    Windows + X: Open the quick connection menu.

    Windows + Z: Open the command prompt of the application .

    Windows + Space: Switch input methods quickly.

    Windows + Home: Minimize all windows except the currently active window. Windows + Tab: Fast application switching.

    Windows + “,” : hover the desktop.

    Windows + “+/-” : zoom in or zoom out.

    Windows + Alt + Enter: Open Windows Media Center.

    To display multiple applications on the screen at the same time: Drag the application from the left application list to the home screen, then release or right-click the application window thumbnail on the left side of the screen, and click Insert on the left or right side.