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  • Features of Microsoft Office2013 Professional Edition

    Features of Microsoft Office2013 Professional Edition

    Operation interface

    The operating interface of Office 2013 looks a bit lengthy .However, the new version of the Office suite has made great improvements to this, opening the Office 2013 file at the beginning ,the 3D ribbon image was canceled and a large single image was added.The users are more efficient in operation. If  users want to create a new document, he can see preview images of many available templates.

    PDF document

    Word in the suite will convert the PDF file to Word format when opening it, and users can edit it as they like. The users can save the modified result as a PDF file and any file type supported by Word.

    Create bookmarks automatically

    It is a new feature, It will improve the users’ work efficiency. The user can  locate the page directly that was last worked and browsed without dragging the scroll bar.

    Built-in image search function

    In office2013, if you want to insert a network picture, you need to open a web browser to search for the picture and insert a PowerPoint presentation and use the “insert-cut picture” to search for the picture of the official website of the Office cut picture.

    Excel Quick Analysis Tool

    After the user enters the data, Excel will provide some suggestions to format, analyze, and present the data better.