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  • How to solve the problem of Windows 10 system laptop keyboard failure?

    How to solve the problem of Windows 10 system laptop keyboard failure?

    In order to get a better experience, some laptops users will upgrade their laptop systems to the official version of Win10. However, after upgrading win10, I found that the keyboard of the laptop suddenly failed. How to solve this? Don’t worry, here are the reasons why the Windows 10 system laptop keyboard may fail and related solutions.
    1. Windows 10 system laptop keyboard failure may not open the keypad. Many laptops have a numeric keypad. If the numeric keypad on the right side is out of order, it is recommended to check if the function of the keypad is turned on. The “NumLock” keyboard indicator on the right is not lit. If it is not lit, it is Note that if the numeric keypad is not turned on, it will naturally fail. Just press the “NumLock” button on the keyboard and the indicator light will be resolved.
    2. The second reason is that it may be a driver problem. If all the keys in the keyboard are not responding, in addition to the broken keyboard, it may be that the keyboard driver is not installed correctly, otherwise it is another abnormal problem. In this case, it is recommended to restart the computer. If the problem still remains unresolved, it is recommended to check the driver. First, enter the device manager of the computer to see if there is any problem with the device driver.
    3. The third reason is the problem of system bugs. It is said that there is a way to turn off the “Enable Quick Start” option, and then reboot, you can solve this problem, you can try this method when you encounter a Windows10 system laptop keyboard failure.
    4. Another reason may be caused by other problems with laptops. For example, the laptop system is abnormal, the system file is lost, etc., on the premise that the keyboard is not problematic, it is recommended to try to reinstall the system.
    The above is the possible reasons for the failure of the Windows10 system notebook keyboard and related solutions. Of course, if you have tried the above methods and have not solved the problem, it is recommended to look for the relevant after-sales check of the laptop.