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    Microsoft 2019 Conference

    In October 2019, Microsoft held a new Surface launch conference in the fall of 2019. This may be the most exciting moment in history. Every time Microsoft’s press conference is the most anticipated moment for Microsoft fans, there will always be some surprises. This conference, compared with the usual, brought a lot of small surprises. First, Microsoft released six new devices in succession: the new form of the folding screen Surface Neuro, the folding screen phone Surface Duo, the existing series of Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro X, Surface Laptop 3, and the new wireless in-ear headphones Surface Earbuds, and the new Windows 10X operating system.

    At the press conference, Microsoft demonstrated how to use the new Surface Slim Pen to complete a painting. With a more realistic touch, this technology demonstration brings a lot of surprises to users. In addition, Microsoft is also actively working with Adobe to bring more user-friendly features.