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    Microsoft Office 2013 Pro

    Microsoft Office 2013 Professional is a new generation of office software launched by Microsoft. It focuses on strengthening cloud service projects. It uses a new Merto interface to make users more focused on content.

    It cooperates with the touch control of Windows 8 to enhance the touch screen function and realize the synchronized update of smart devices such as cloud servers,computers,tablets and mobile phones.The office 2013 can support win 7 and win b8 systems perfectly.

    It can support the operation of touch, stylus, mouse and keyboard on Windows devices including tablet computers. At the same time, while supporting the social network, the new version of office2013 provides modern application scenarios including reading, notes, meetings, and communication. It can be delivered to users through the latest cloud service model.

    There are the new functions of Microsoft Office 2013 pro.

    1.There is simple and modern user interface.

    2. The new start screen in Office 2013 displays a series of document options.

    3. The Office 2013 application is saved to Sky Drive or Share Point by default.

    4. Users can use the account tab in the Backstage view to add and manage linked accounts, such as Sky Drive, Facebook and Twitter.

    5. Some new features in Office 2013 pro are optimized specifically for touch screens.

    6. In Word 2013, users can open and edit PDF files directly without converting them to another format.

    7. The new task pane in PowerPoint displays the formatting function on the screen. The users can access it easily.

    8. The chart tool in Excel can analyze the data that you selected.Then it will provide corresponding charts to display the data.

    9. Users can search and import images through online resources directly in the Office 2013 application.

    10. After you save your Office documents online, you can access them with any device at any time, through Office 2013 and Web Apps in PCs and tablets.