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    Office 2016

    Features of Office 2016:

    Office 2016 has a colorful new theme. This new interface design is called Colorful, and users can choose their preferred theme style among themes. In addition, Office 2016 supports cross-platform universal applications, meaning that users can get a very similar experience between different platforms and devices. There is also the Insights engine function. The new Insights engine can bring online resources to Office with the help of Bing’s ability. The main reason is that when a word is selected, relevant information will appear in the sidebar.

    In Office 2016, users can not only achieve the above functions, but also use the reading mode on any screen without any interference when using PDF. Also, the Excel template will do most of the setup and design work for you, transforming the information into charts or tables in just two steps. In addition, tools that use PPT can create beautiful presentations.


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