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    Office 2016 Activation

    Office 2016 activation method:
    After Office 2016 is installed, it needs to be activated, because the online installation of Office2016 Preview will not be activated automatically. In fact, there are many ways to activate Office 2016. Here is a detailed example of one of them. It is necessary to manually activate it once in any software in Office. For example, you can click the file option “File” in EXCEL, enter the option, click “Account”, and then click the “Convert to Full” button. Click “Enter Key” in the pop-up interface, then enter the serial number of the Office 2016 preview version. After the input is complete, click “Install”. After a while, the serial number will be imported into Office 2016. In addition, the serial number is officially published and can be used free of charge.


    office 2016 hb for mac 1


    The above is one of the ways to activate Office 2016. Of course, there are other ways to activate Office 2016, and there are many activation tools available.