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    Office 2019

    Highlights of the new Office 2019:
    First of all, Office 2019 adds a lot of interface effects animation, and label animation is one of the most attractive ones. That is, when you click on a Ribbon panel, Office will automatically pop up an animation effect. Gives a feeling of smooth interface switching. Secondly, in the new version of Office 2019, Excel 2019 has several new functions built in, such as “IFS” multi-condition judgment, “CONCAT” multi-column merge, etc., which is more convenient to use. In addition, Office 2019 can also insert icons online, so you can insert icons with the same key as inserting a picture. The most important function is that all the icons can be directly changed with the PPT color filling function, and even after the split, the color is filled. In addition, it is worth noting that Word 2019 adds an “immersive learning mode” under the “View” panel, which can adjust the page color, page width, etc., to make the file more convenient to read. In fact, there are many other improvements in the Office 2019 version, and with the development of technology, the future changes in Office functions are also worth looking forward to.

    office 2019