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    The interface of Windows 8

    Starting from Windows 8, Microsoft tried to use a set of interface to adapt to the tablet and desktop, began to produce its own hardware and promised a faster system upgrade.

    Users can receive Skype calls with the screen locked and use the camera to take pictures. At the same time, the lock screen also added Photo Frame mode to extract photos from the user’s computer, SkyDrive and Windows Phone for display.

    The new dynamic tile in Windows 8.1 can display more information. The application will not pin automatically to the start screen, but will be placed on the All Apps interface. In this interface, you can filter applications based on frequency of use and group they belong to. You also can search for applications by name.

    Microsoft also changed the style of the start screen and added personalization options, including more colors and shadows.

    In addition, an animated background can be used for the start screen. The desktop background image can be used on the start screen, so that the transition between the two modes is no longer split. Rearranging apps on the start screen is easier, and users can select and organize multiple apps at the same time.

    Any application that is installed and pinned to the start screen will be synced to all Windows 8.1 PC automatically. Provided that they log in under a single account. The app will update automatically.