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  • The Parsing of Win10

    The Parsing of Win10

    There are the recommended hardware requirements for win10 64-bit.

    1.CPU is dual-core and higher processor.

    2. RAM is 4GB and higher.

    3. The available hard disk space is 40GB and higher.

    4. Graphics card is DirectX 9 and higher.

    5. Firmware is UEFI 2.3.1 that can support safe boot.

    6. The display is resolution 800×600 and higher.

    There is the parsing of Win10.

    Although some computer configurations meet the requirements, they may not be able to be installed, especially the online upgrade method, you will encounter incompatible hardware and incompatible software. At this time, you can try a new installation with a U disk.

    2G memory is a low requirement. In practice, it is recommended to install 32-bit 2G memory, 4G and 8G memory to install win10 64-bit, otherwise it will be easy to get stuck.

    20GB of free hard disk space is a low requirement for a new installation. In the future use, including system updates and upgrades, the system cache will occupy a lot of space on the C drive. It is recommended that users install win10 64-bit space of at least 50G.