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    Tips for using WIN10

    Do you know the secrets on the keyboard?For computer workers, the reasonable use of keyboard shortcuts can improve the efficiency greatly.  There are keys on the keyboard after upgrading Win10.

    Background window function

     Unlike the previous alt+tab, win+tab will always be suspended on the desktop. The preview interface is very clear.

    New setting interface

     As long as you press win+i key can be opened to set the interest system quickly.

    Press twice can split into four screens easily.

     Window snap function achieves dual screen paging and four-page paging.

    Other shortcut key combinations

     Pressing the win+s key on the keyboard will call up this interface, which is also one of the latest core functions of Win10. Cortana is the world’s first personal intelligent assistant released by Microsoft. It can understand the user’s preferences and habits, help users schedule, answer questions, etc.

    Projection setting function

    It is used for multi-screen,external projectors and other display devices to achieve the purpose of quickly switching the interface.The shortcut key is Win+p, optional only computer screen, copy,expansion and only the four options of the second screen.

    Quick call operation

     The commonly used key combination is win+r,which can call out the running interface quickly.Enter “cmd” and ”msconfig” here for some more in-depth settings and adjustments.