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  • Windows 10 Education Edition

    Windows 10 Education Edition

    It is a version designed for large academic institutions with the security, management and connectivity features of the enterprise version.

    Except for the differences in update options, there is no difference between Windows 10 Education Edition and Windows Enterprise Edition.

    Windows 10 Enterprise Edition has one more feature-long term servicing branch. The long term servicing branch allows the system to only update security patches without updating functional patches.

    In other words, Windows 10 Enterprise Edition can choose to fix only security patches. There will be new versions of IE or Edge browsers and will not be updated. So, there is no essential difference between the Windows 10 Education Edition and the Enterprise Edition. It is the most powerful version.

    As an ordinary consumer, we generally have the easiest versions of Windows 10 Home Edition and Professional Edition, and the most recognized versions are also these two versions.

    In addition,Windows 10 Home Edition can be used in enterprises, and Microsoft Home Edition does not have an agreement stating that it cannot be used for commercial purposes.