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    Windows 10 Enterprise Edition

    Windows 10 Enterprise Edition has the most complete functions. It is a version for enterprise users. Compared to the home version, the Enterprise Edition provides powerful functions designed for enterprise users.

    There is Direct Access that can be connected without a VPN. App Locker that supports application whitelisting. BranchCache for downloading and updating with other PCs through a peer-to-peer connection and a start screen based on group policy control.

    Granular UX Control allows IT managers to customize and lock down the user experience of specific Windows devices through device management strategies to better perform specific tasks.

    Credential Guard and Device Guard are used to protect Windows login credentials and restrict the applications that a particular PC can run.

    The Long Term Servicing Branch option allows PC to receive only security updates and ignore other forms of updates. It is especially useful for PC that need to work stably for a long time and do not want to be affected by new features.

    Windows 10 Enterprise Edition will also have Windows Update for Business features, but a new service called Long Term Servicing Branches has been added, which allows companies to refuse functional upgrades and only get security-related upgrades.

    What’s more, users cannot upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise Edition for free. The version will only be released through the VOL channel, and ordinary consumers cannot purchase it directly.