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    Windows 10 software

    Windows 10 software installation method:

    1.Right click on the “Start Menu” button and select the “Run” menu item from the pop-up menu.

    2.In the pop-up window, enter the gpedit.msc command and click the OK button.

    3.Then start to open the local Group Policy Editor window

    4.In the Local Group Policy Editor window, click the “Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Windows Installer” menu item and find the “Prohibit User Installation” item on the right side.

    5.In the “Prohibit User Installation” window that opens, you can see that the item is set to “Enabled” and then click Close.

    6. Set the item to “Not Configured”or“Disabled”, then click the OK button to save and exit, you can install Windows 10 software normally.
    How to solve the problem of software ambiguity in Windows 10:

    If some software in Windows 10 is zoomed, if you are confused, you can right click and open “Properties”. Take qq software as an example. After clicking the “Compatibility” tab, check “Disable display zoom when high DPI settings”. Then re-open the software will find that qq is no longer blurred, the computer version of WeChat is no longer blurred, and other vague software encountered in Windows 10 can also be solved in the same way.


    Windows 10 software installation method:

    There are two kinds of win10 software downloads. One is the software downloaded directly from the browser. Like xp and win7, one is the software downloaded in the app store, similar to the software of the tablet phone. Both are standalone software that can run independently on the same computer.

    The first method is to use the browser to download the software: first open the browser, directly in Baidu search for the software to be downloaded, click the download button now, select the download, and open it immediately after the end. After the download is complete, click on the installation package to install it. After the installation is complete, open the software and use it.

    The second method is to download the software in the app store: first click the “Start” button, click “All Apps”, find “App Store” in “All Apps”, click Open. In the “App Store”, click the “Search” button in the upper right corner, enter your favorite app in the box, and click the Enter button. Under the searched app, click “Install.” After waiting for the installation to succeed, in the Start menu, click the app to run.