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    Windows 7

    System features of Windows 7:
    The design features of Windows 7 are primarily user personalization; audio-visual entertainment optimization; a new engine for user usability. Jump list, system failure quick fix, etc. Specifically, the following are the following aspects:
    1. Easy to use. Windows 7 simplifies many designs, such as fast maximization, half-screen display, jump lists, and quick fixes for system failures.
    2. Simple. Windows 7 will make searching and using information simpler, including local, web and Internet search capabilities, an intuitive user experience that will be more advanced, and integration of automated application submission and cross-program data transparency.
    3. Efficiency. In Windows 7, the system-integrated search function is powerful. As long as the user opens the start menu and starts to input the search content, the search function can be automatically run regardless of the application, text document, etc., which brings great convenience to the user’s operation.
    4. Gadgets. Windows 7 gadgets can be placed on the desktop alone.
    5. Efficient search box. The search box of the Windows 7 system is flexible on the right side of the menu bar. It can quickly search for documents, pictures, programs and other information in Windows. The search of Win7 system is dynamic. When we input the first word in the search box, Win7 search has already started working, which greatly improves the search efficiency.

    Hard disk installation Windows7 method:
    There are two ways to install Windows 7 on the hard disk: The first simplest hard disk installation method is to extract the system ISO file to other partitions, run the SETUP.EXE file in the decompression directory, and follow the corresponding steps. This method has the same limitations and disadvantages as the analog optical drive installation method. It is also impossible to format old systems and 32 or 64 bit different systems cannot be mixed. Recommended for multi-system installations. The second is the classic hard disk installation method. This installation method is relatively cumbersome. The installation speed is faster and can be cleanly installed. The difference from the first method is that the old system files will not remain, but the same 32 or 64 bits. Different systems cannot be mixed.