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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    The Windows Media Center component can be added to windows 8.1 pro.The Windows 8.1 professional layout to the object is technology enthusiasts and enterprise and technical personnel.

    The Windows 8.1 pro comes with a range of Windows 8 enhancements, including encryption,virtualization,PC management and domain name connectivity.

    Windows 8.1 professional edition is divided into retail edition and VIP edition, among which the retail edition can add Windows 8.1 Media Center function, which needs to be purchased separately.

    The Windows 8.1 Pro starts faster. Define a personalized ‘start’ screen.

    The familiar interfaces will make for a perfect experience.There is multitasking which is more convenient.

    There more apps are built in. It is easy to operate Metro interface.There is new kernel technology to improve the speed of the switch machine.

    There is dazzle, quick and smooth.Using Internet Explorer can browse the Internet more quickly.It is better security with Windows Defender.

    The users can get cool apps from the Windows app store.

    There is Email, photos, OneDrive and more built-in features.

    A new task manager has been added to the desktop to make file management easier. The users can access the desktop and return to the start screen again at any time with a click.