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    Microsoft has officially launched Windows 10 v1903 for several months, and the Microsoft version of the update seems to be not unusual. Win10 1909 is also an update of the previous version. This update does not add much functionality. Instead, a minor modification was made based on the previous version.

    But on the other hand, this version should be what everyone expects, but for the user experience, running stability is a more concerned issue than the increase in new features.

    The 2019 Win10 update released by Microsoft has the following changes

    1. More optimized performance and more power saving
    First, the processor uses multiple processor cores to improve computing performance. The benefit of multiple processor cores is the ability to evenly distribute computer workloads to the core of the processor’s best performance. In other words, the new version of the computing performance is better.

    2. Resource Manager real-time search bars
    The new version adds the real-time display function of the search bar. As long as the keyword is entered, the search result will be displayed automatically and more quickly. This is a convenient and fast function for users who load too many things on the computer.

    3. Taskbar panel directly creates a new schedule
    In previous versions, if you need to create a calendar arrangement, you need to manually go to the calendar. In the new version, you can create a schedule directly in the taskbar calendar panel. This is a very good update for users who often need to use this feature. Simply click on the time in the taskbar and select a date in the pop-up window to select the schedule. By using the same Microsoft account, you can automatically sync your schedule to your computer.

    4. More intuitive notification settings panel
    In addition to the above functional optimizations, another change is the optimization of the notification settings panel. Compared with the old version, the new version adds a notification style diagram and updates and updates the lock screen display notification.

    5. Increased battery life
    Window 10′s updates and upgrade not only optimizes the function of calling the processor core, but also improves the battery life of the computer. There have also been new changes in resource managers and so on.


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