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    We know that Windows 7 not only includes all the features of the Home Edition, but also the best version for SMB customers. So what are the features of Windows 7? Here are the features that Windows 7 includes:

    Reasons for choosing Windows 7
    1. Running faster, safer and more stable
    Windows7 is based on secure kernel development, designed to follow the security development cycle, and the underlying architecture is more secure. Reduces the time it takes for system startup, standby recovery, and shutdown.
    2. Wide compatibility between peripherals and applications
    Compatibility troubleshooting provides a solution for application compatibility, running applications from the Windows XP environment directly from the Windows 7 desktop.
    3. Strengthen data protection and control
    Use advanced backup to back up the entire system image to a network location to help quickly recover files that were inadvertently deleted, or to perform a full system recovery if malware causes a failure.
    4. Help quickly solve computer problems
    Users can view and diagnose common computer problems through the operation center, and easily solve problems such as network connection through troubleshooting.
    5. Good desktop experience to improve efficiency
    With real-time Windows search, you can instantly find the files you need. Enhance the sense of desktop experience, help users to more intuitively browse, arrange multiple windows, and facilitate work.